Sends a fax. The actual sending up is asynchronous, and will happen after the function returns.

Input parameters

Requires authentication and the send_fax role privilege or (Reseller/Administrator/Owner).

NameTypeDescriptionRequiredDefault value
auth_usernameStringAuthentication username.Yes
auth_passwordStringAuthentication password.Yes
cnumberStringThe destination to send the fax to.Yes
dataBase64The file to send, base64 encoded.Yes
coverBase64The cover sheet, base64 encoded. Empty string for none.NoEmpty string.
customerIntegerID of customer to send as.NoCustomer of authentication user.
emailStringAn email address to send a status report to. Empty string for none.NoEmpty string.
headerString“customer_name” or “blank” for none.No“customer_name”
mailboxStringA mailbox to save the sent fax in. Empty string for none.NoEmpty string.
snumberStringA callerid for the outbound call. Empty string for unknown.NoEmpty string.


204Fax successfully submitted for sending.
400Invalid input parameters specified. Check the key and message fields for more details.
401The authentication details provided are invalid.
402Your role does not allow this.
403Your rate plan does not allow this.
500An error occurred within the server. Check the key and message fields for more details.

Data returned

{ “responses”:[ { “code”:”204″, “key”:””, “message”:”OK” } ] }

Example: With required parameters (base64 data truncated for brevity)http://YOURDOMAIN/api/json/faxes/send/?auth_username=user;auth_password=password;cnumber=2125551234;data=abc…