ASTP Wholesale PTY LTD is a leading provider of VoIP Telecoms specialising inĀ  termination of Call Centre & Service Provider Traffic , as well as delivering top level consultancy and development into cloud products.

ASTP Wholesale has been trading in Australia since 2017 and in this period we have expanded our expertise and services  to customers all over the world.

The internet is our first home (although we have physical presence in both Australia and Philipines), if things dont work, we will know why. Knowledge of what can go wrong helps us to prevent outages it thus makes sure that the services that we deliver are highly reliable and most importantly standards orientated.

Feature Rich Hosted PBX

International Phone Numbers

Australian Domestic Numbers

Unlimited Call Recording

Integrated Billing

Unlimited Call Capacity


HD Voice Quality

Competitive Wholesale

Complete Security


Call Detail Records

ASTP Wholesale PTY LTD

ABN: 20 637 552 071


“While other networks might build experience in the status quo – we’ve built our communications in a simpler, smarter and more cost-effective way”